Creative Workbooks

At the start of the project, the participants receive Creative Workbooks with exercises on  the chosen books. There are two levels of exercises in Creative Workbooks: one is aimed at children who are in the phase of acquiring literacy, while the other is for those who can already read and write. Both include tasks connected to the chosen books which are very entertaining and strengthen children’s creativity and imagination, while demanding more detailed reading and observation. Younger children, among other things, do quizzes, seek a path through a labyrinth, cook and do other activities, some of them offering a prize. Older children learn poems, fill in missing letters, write news and imaginary recipes, solve crossword puzzles and more difficult puzzles. All the children draw, learn about the flags of different countries, look for differences, train their memory and have fun with games, the basic idea of which comes from the individual books. On some pages there are jokes suitable for their age. All this additionally motivates young readers and encourages them to active reading, with which they strengthen their ability to express themselves independently.

You can see the example here: Workbook 2015/2016