The illustrators



Agata Dudek is a Polish illustrator who graduated in illustration at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since graduating, she has concentrated on illustrating books and newspapers and on graphic design. Since 2010, she has been assisting with great pleasure at illustration workshops at the Academy of Fine [...]


Emilia Dziubak (born 1982, Poland) has graduated from Academy of Fine Art in Poznań,  Poland, where she works and lives. She is a well-known illustrator and has been distinguished with many awards in Poland and abroad, among others: Warsaw Book Award, Polish Section of IBBY Distinction, The White Ravens Award. Her books were published in [...]


Marta Ludwiszewska a.k.a. Martiszu is a freelance graphic designer & illustrator, living and working in Warsaw, Poland. Her work focuses on typography and illustration, with special interest in print design. She is the cofounder of screen printing studio N22, coordinator of the arts events series Full Moon Party, and author of illustrations for two children’s [...]


As a child, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut or a children's book illustrator. Later I also considered becoming an archeologist. After graduating from high school, I tried to study metal arts at Art University, but was not accepted. Then I had a daughter and a son, and returned to studies when my children went [...]


Even as a little girl, Zarja Menart was convinced she would become an illustrator. She drew everything that happened to her during the day. She has a degree in design and, in addition to illustrating books and magazines. She is involved in animated film making. Her illustrations have been exhibited at a number of Biennales.


Ana Košir is a gifted illustrator who did not spend much time chatting in school, as she was interested in most subjects. Her school friends considered her to be a very serious student, but appearances can be deceptive – she has a playful soul, which laid low at that time, but is now expressed in [...]


Caroline Thaw is a talented English illustrator who initially focused on theatre. She designed many sets and costumes for various plays that made guest appearances in many countries, including Japan. With time, her love for illustration prevailed and she developed a unique poetic style. She is particularly happy when her ideas are given a material [...]


Lina Žutautaitė (1973) is a famous Lithuanian children’s author and illustrator. Born and raised in Šiauliai, the author studied at the Faculty of Arts, Šiauliai University, from 1992 to 1999. “When reading a children’s book, I am immediately overwhelmed by various images begging to be drawn. I almost never use sketches, but I just render [...]


Mārtiņš Zutis was born in Riga in June of 1988 amid the beginnings of so-called Singing Revolution in the Baltic states. Singing was his other hobby as a child, but mainly he devoted his free time to drawing, cutting and gluing tiny paper tanks and soldiers. Interest in the military faded as he joined cub [...]


Kęstutis Kasparavičius (1954) is a Lithuanian author and illustrator of children’s books, whose works have been translated into 28 languages. The author was born in a small village near Aukštadvaris, a town particularly rich in nature, where he used to attend an elementary school established in an abandoned manor house, which he loved. As a [...]