Lina Žutautaitė (1973) is a famous Lithuanian children’s author and illustrator. Born and raised in Šiauliai, the author studied at the Faculty of Arts, Šiauliai University, from 1992 to 1999.

“When reading a children’s book, I am immediately overwhelmed by various images begging to be drawn. I almost never use sketches, but I just render on paper things I see in my mind. Illustrating my own text is sometimes very simple, yet it might get quite difficult. Nevertheless, it is very gratifying to share things that I enjoy with children,” says Žutautė.

The artist has already written and illustrated more than 20 books for children. Her series of books “Kakė Makė” follows a mischievous girl who constantly finds herself in all kinds of difficult and peculiar situations. The series has received an extremely positive acclaim, as one of its books, “Kakė Makė ir Netvarkos nykštukas”, was selected as the “Best Lithuanian Book of the Year for the Youngest Readers” in 2010.

For the first book of her next series, “Ferdinandas ir Pū”, Žutautaitė was included on the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) Honour List.