One of the most popular Slovene authors, Majda Koren, graduated at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana and now teaches at primary school. In spite of having a job, she still finds time for writing, these days mainly in the morning. You want to know where? Wherever! Most often on the balcony of the family’s small house among the vineyards of Bela krajina, by the river Kolpa, on a train or a plane. She started her literary path by publishing in the children’s magazine Ciciban. She writes about children and teenagers. Her works are optimistic and humorous, even though sometimes they talk about difficult problems, such as divorce or child abuse. Among the most important awards she has received are the Večernica Award for her book Eva in kozel (Eva and the Goat) in 2006 (in 2008 the same book was included in the White Ravens Catalogue) and the Levstik Award for Mici iz 2.a (Mitzi from 2A, 2011). For her book Skuhaj mi pravljico (Cook Me a Story) she received the second prize in Radio Slovenia’s competition for the most original Slovene story Good Night, Children.