The authors



One of the most popular Slovene authors, Majda Koren, graduated at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana and now teaches at primary school. In spite of having a job, she still finds time for writing, these days mainly in the morning. You want to know where? Wherever! Most often on the balcony of the family’s [...]


Przemyslaw Wechterowicz is a 41-year old author of books for children, theatrical plays and poetry. He lives in Warsaw and also works as a copywriter. He understands children very well, because deep down he has never grown up. One day he would like to travel the world and have his books translated into all languages. [...]


My name is Hilli Rand. I grew up as a single child in the family and although I had a lot of friends, I still considered books to be my best friends. Now I have many children and grandchildren, but books still play a great role in my life. I could say I am really [...]


Mārtiņš Zutis was born in Riga in June of 1988 amid the beginnings of so-called Singing Revolution in the Baltic states. Singing was his other hobby as a child, but mainly he devoted his free time to drawing, cutting and gluing tiny paper tanks and soldiers. Interest in the military faded as he joined cub [...]


Kęstutis Kasparavičius (1954) is a Lithuanian author and illustrator of children’s books, whose works have been translated into 28 languages. The author was born in a small village near Aukštadvaris, a town particularly rich in nature, where he used to attend an elementary school established in an abandoned manor house, which he loved. As a [...]


Gendrutis Morkūnas (1960-2009) was a well-known Lithuanian children’s writer, as well as a physicist and a notable scholar of radiation. During his early adult life, the author studied at the Faculty of Physics, Vilnius University, and after graduating stayed there to continue his academic career. While studying the ways people could protect themselves from radiation, [...]


Grigor Vitez is one of the founders of modern children’s poetry in Croatia, which is something he is involved in besides translating and editing books. His first collection of children’s poetry established a new way of writing: word play, nonsense and lyrical descriptions of nature. Without unnecessary moralising, he introduced a series of new expressive [...]


In his three gripping detective stories, Andrej Rozman Roza shows in a humorous way that we sometimes find ourselves in a hopeless situation, but with the right degree of courage and daring there is always a solution. In 2008, the collection Kako je Oskar postal detektiv (How Oscar Became a Detective) received the Desetnica Award [...]


Ida Mlakar was born on the outskirts of Kranj and spent her childhood there. He father was a shoemaker who wrote poetry and loved philosophy. In the first year of primary school, when she had already decided to be a writer, she wrote a short story about a lost bean. During her university years she [...]


Jana Bauer (1975) is a popular writer for children and young adults. She grew up in Kočevje, but spent her summers with her grandmother by the River Kolpa. Her father was a passionate storyteller and legends about witches, spirits and smugglers had the strongest influence on the development of her imaginary world. When her childhood, [...]