As a child, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut or a children’s book illustrator. Later I also considered becoming an archeologist. After graduating from high school, I tried to study metal arts at Art University, but was not accepted. Then I had a daughter and a son, and returned to studies when my children went to kindergarten. This time I chose ceramics, but during my studies I had some opportunities to test myself as an illustrator. I grabbed them immediately.

After graduating from university, I worked at a textbook publisher as a book designer and chief designer for 20 years. I also illustrated textbooks and workbooks. This led quietly, but surely, to illustrating children’s books. For the last 10-12 years I have been living my childhood dream and made children’s books. I must admit that my interest in space and archeology has also not faded.

I have been very lucky to work with wonderful writers and artists, as well as very good publishers. There have been wonderful projects that have tested my skills and helped me to develop further. One of these was the Harrods’s children’s Christmas packaging series last year, not to mention some exciting promotional projects and co-operation with international publishers.