Nieko rimto

The story begins in 2001, when two young people, Arvydas Vereckis and Sigutė Ach, decided that their dream to establish a children’s book publishing company can no longer wait. Everything started completely randomly – an illustration here, a short story there… One cold December day Sigutė Ach, already a prominent and loved illustrator, drew a small cow with wings… The cow from the illustration looked alive! And, most important, it was flying! This soon became a symbol of a miraculous business, that grew into a publishing house Nieko rimto. Today this sweet winged cow is a symbol of a happy childhood and the trademark of high value books.

Being already a teenager, with 16 years of experience, Nieko rimto remains faithful to the best children’s and YA literature. In order to inspire the readers for growing their own wings, the publisher also produces cute postcards, mugs, notebooks… Everything is done to make flying would be easier!